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Auto Mobile Detailing

Auto Mobile detailing refers to the professional cosmetic maintenance and thorough cleansing of your vehicle to renew and preserve the original "showroom fresh appearance" and "maximum value", even after years of operation. Newton Auto Detailing has all the equipment and non harmful chemicals to make your car sparkling.

Hand Wash & Waxing process

Our basic hand wash leaves your vehicle clean and streak free, including pre-rinse. Full hand wash and exterior windows, wheels, rims and tires are dressed as well for a complete waxing.

Newton Auto Detailing and Spa uses the top of the line waxing products to bring your car finish, back to new again. Our waxes includes a detailed hand wash followed by a swirl remover hand wax. Your car is then buffed to a mirror finish. All visible chrome is hand polished followed by a conditioning all exterior rubber and trim to a brilliant wet shine.


Newton Auto Detailing helps restore/preserve your car's brand new look and to prevent surface deterioration and under wear. Commercial vehicles and cars left outside may require more frequent detailing service. Simply washing your car only removes dirt; it will not help protect it from the sun, salt, fallout and acid rain. Overtime, paint becomes oxidized and dull. Daily use also takes its toll. Newton Auto Detailing restores beauty and rejuvinates your car inside and out. It removes the build-up of dull haze, road tar, and oxidation. It also makes repeated car washing easier and more effective.

Newton Auto Detailing and Spa Services includes:

  • Hand washing and blow dry,
  • Machine polishing - this removes minor scratches and surface imperfections. We use orbital buffering.
  • We apply Detail clay to decontaminate paint surface for a baby smooth finish,
  • Shampoo interior - to remove dirt and minor stains,
  • Clean wheels & dress tires
  • Clean & detail door jambs & dash board,
  • Shampoo carpets & floor mats
  • We apply conditioner to leather surfaces & vinyl interior surfaces,
  • Vacuum interior & trunk
  • We clean air vents, compartments & trims,
  • Polish windows & mirrors,
  • Clean windows inside & out.

Paint Protection

"Protect your car from the elements". But don't pay $800 for paint protection from a dealership. Newton Auto Detailing provide the same paint protection product with specialized knowledge for much less. Our paint protection gives your paint work a diamond-heart shine and offers protection from the most harmful elements. Unlike wax, it melts off or wash off easily. The sealant we use completely seals the surface with the best possible adhesion properties. It will not wash off, crack or peel and will continue to perform its function for a guaranteed lenghty period. We only use the latest technology in paint protection for your vehicle. With our paint protection service, your car will be totally protected from damaging environmental elements such as: Bird droppings, Tree sap, Pollution & Acid rain, Fading & Oxidation, Ultra violet rays & Blocks out corrosion too.

other services

Interior Protection

With the amount of time you spend in your vehicle, spilling things like food and drink is practically unavoidable, help prevent those spills from becoming permanent stains with our interior protection.

We offer interior protection for leather, vinyl and fabric so you can protect your vehicle's interior with an invisible coating that will repel all liquids, foods, dirt and other contaminants. Our fabric and leather protection keeps the surfaces of your vehicle so


Undercoating is applied underneath the car, to cover exposed surfaces protecting your car from rusting underneath. Especially recommended to apply before winter. In Canada, weather and road conditions are becoming unpredictable. Protect your car from salt applied to all roads during winter, that causes rust underneath your precious car.

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